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Xubster.com, which describes itself as a fast, secure and remotely controllable file hosting site, offers up to 75 percent partner gain, especially for those who want to upload files and earn money. Xubster, which offers the opportunity to share files anonymously, has many special features for site owners. The site, which aims to provide daily payment and quality support, also has a link checker tool.

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If you want to make money on Xubster, it does not give you an affiliate link, it asks you to send an e-mail to support@ to activate the affiliate program. The site, which pays a minimum of 5 dollars, gives you 65 percent of sales and renewals, and 10 percent from site sales. Having become a very popular file upload site in France, xubster.com supports English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Thai, Spanish, Japan, Hungary, Indonesia, Dutch, Hebrew.



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