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Wdupload, where you can quickly share files by creating a free account, has a useful interface. Wdupload.com, which receives heavy traffic from the USA, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico countries, has a panel that allows you to access your files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your computer, tablet and phone. The biggest reason WDUpload has become popular in a short time is its easy file sharing system. Offering 1 TB of free storage, the site gives free users 1 GB of download per day.

WDUpload.com File Search

Having various menus such as partnership system, upgrade, downloader and file manager, WDupload.com also announces many innovations to its users. WD Upload is a little troublesome on the google side, some files are shared by users despite not complying with the site rules. For example, +18 content, illegal movies, illegal programs, pornographic content are the leading ones. As soon as the site notices such content, it closes the account immediately, but unfortunately, it loses reputation on Google. You can find various files uploaded on wdupload.com using the search engine above, but the results are very limited.

WDUpload Leech & Downloader & Premium Generator

One of the most disliked portals of upload sites is leech sites, namely downloader tools. The first of these is premium generator programs, thanks to these programs, users can watch a few ads and download large files without a premium membership.

The preferred leech sites for downloading free files support some upload portals. Below we list some of the premium link generator sites that you can use for WDUPLOAD. In addition to all these, cbox-style file forums allow free users to easily download files by watching advertisements.

wdupload leech downloader and premium generator sites

If you are using WdUpload and looking for a site that provides premium generator service, you are in luck. You can easily download the files on this site, which has become popular, from a total of 9 different leech services for free. Let’s list these sites and compare their features.

  • Neodebrid.com: This site allows you to download files up to 300 MB and you have a daily quota of 1 GB, does not show ads and you do not need to be a member.
  • Debridxyz.com allows you to download files up to 512 MB, your daily limit is 5 files and 5 ads in 8 hours, you can download files without being a member.
  • JetLeech.net this site offers 512 MB file download / 2.5 GB total download per day and you see 5 advertisements.
  • CocoLeech.com this site offers 350 MB of download per file and 3 downloads per day.
  • DDebrid.com this site gives 500 MB download per file and 1 download per day.
  • Leecall.com is one of the most popular leech services. Allows you to download 5 files per day. You need to pass 5 advertisements and the total file size is 750 MB for each download.
  • deepbrid.com is a download site where you can download free files on wdupload. You can download 4 files of 300 MB per day and you don’t need to watch ads.
  • Leechpremium.link is the last leech service, with this site you can download unlimited files up to 250 MB per day. The only bad thing is that you have to pass 11 ads and it does not allow downloading without a member.

Bonus: turkdebrid.net this site broadcasts in Turkish. There is a 2 GB file limit and 1 ip can download 1 file per day. The biggest advantage is that while other sites give 300/500 mb, turkdebrid offers 2 GB download right to wdupload users.

Wdupload Affiliate Program

wdupload affiliate program

It is one of the rare sites that offer the opportunity to easily earn money by adding your WD upload site. It has an advanced affiliate page and presents reports here, showing your daily and monthly earnings visually. When you reach a minimum balance of 20 Euro, wd upload uses paypal, bank transfer, bitcoin, web money for money transfer.

The beauty of the site for other affiliate users is that it lists the files that do not comply with the DMCA policy in the affiliate panel, so you can easily distinguish which files you are earning from. There is no information about revenue per download on wdupload.com. When you enter your affiliate page, you will see that you give 85 percent of PPS, ie sales and renewals. This ratio is truly amazing.

For all other upload sites uploadlogin.com

Alternative Site: WupFile

Premium Account Plans

On the premium side, Wdupload sells in Euros. All premium packages offer 1TB of storage and files are not deleted as long as you stay premium. Redeem Voucher also offers the opportunity to upgrade your account to premium status using a code. Premium membership options also offer unlimited download speed, pause, pause or multiple downloads during download, upload 10 GB files, and set passwords for the links you share.

wdupload premium access plan

Let’s list the premium prices. The 30-day account costs 14.95 euro, the 90-day account costs 29.95 euro, the 180-day account costs 51.95 euro, and the 365-days account costs 73.95 euro. The most popular package is the 180-day, 6-month premium package.

As a result: WDUpload

wdupload login

As a result, we reviewed the wdupload.com upload site and it has really great features. It is very good that it offers 85 percent income from sales and renewals, especially to people who will use it for affiliates. On the Leech side, many different sites support it. Premium membership prices are a bit high compared to other sites, but it is very good that you can pay from thirty different sources.


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