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Login Buy Premium is a file upload site where pdf, apk, e-books, music, short films and various programs are shared. User upload, which is preferred by sharers from India and Pakistan, also has an affiliate feature that provides profit to its users. Stating that it offers free and unlimited file sharing services in its slogan, the site draws attention with its advanced reporting infrastructure.

Userupload Search

You will need a search engine to find ebooks, apk files or other content uploaded on You can easily find files uploaded to the site by typing extensions such as .apk, .mp4, .jpg or .pdf into the search box here. You can also search by typing the file name on user upload, for example; like children’s books. We are sure that premium users will like this tool, which searches around twenty thousand files. Leech & Downloader

Leech services that can be used for User Upload are somewhat limited. When you search for download generator or downloader, you will only see the AnyDebrid site. This site offers you the opportunity to download files by watching advertisements without a premium membership via If we list the limits and other features that the site offers for userupload;


  • Download a certain number of files per day
  • Easy download by typing passwords of encrypted files
  • 6 ad viewing
  • No size limit
  • Anydebrid not working if you have ad blocker

Userupload, which allows you to easily download files within certain daily limits without using the Leech service, allows you to download files after a few popup ads and a 5-second countdown.

Attention: requires you to watch advertisements to serve you. If your browser has an ad-blocking Adblock-style add-on, the site does not work and the file is not downloaded.

Premium Account

On the site where premium packages are available, you can easily upload and download files even if you do not actually buy a premium membership. If you do not want to see ads and want to download files at full speed, you should take a look at the user upload premium packages.

Free Users;

  • 100 MB file upload size
  • They don’t have storage space
  • Can’t use remote URLs
  • Can’t use a download program
  • Can’t stop downloading
  • They should confirm captcha
  • They see advertisements
  • The uploaded file will be deleted if it is not downloaded for 10 days

Registered Users;

  • Can upload files up to 1000 MB
  • Have 98 GB of storage space
  • They can use a remote URL
  • If the uploaded file is not downloaded for 30 days, it will be deleted
  • They see advertisement and captcha approval

Premium Users;

  • They can upload files up to 2000 MB
  • They have unlimited storage
  • Tthey can download unlimited files
  • They can use a remote URL
  • They can use a download program
  • They don’t see captcha and ads
  • The uploaded files are not deleted for life

userupload premium price

UserUpload offers premium account sales in four different packages. The 30-day panel costs $10, the 90-day package costs $25, the 180-day premium account costs $40, and the 365-day premium subscription costs $100. It is very interesting that only Bitcoin and Litecoin crypto money support is offered as payment infrastructure in premium membership sales.

userupload net premium pay

When you select the coin you want to pay and proceed, it gives you a wallet address and tells you how many bitcoins or litecoins you should send to the address here. When you send it within 60 minutes, your account is upgraded to premium level.

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userupload login

On the monetization side, userupload is also generous and offers up to $16 for 1000 downloads from some countries. For United States, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, 1000 downloads between 2-5 mb are 6 dollars, 1000 downloads are 12 dollars for 5-100 mb files, and 1000 downloads are 16 dollars for files over 100 mb. For Tier 2 countries, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Canada, Ireland, Taiwan, 1000 downloads over 100 MB give 8 dollars. Hong Kong, Kuwait, Belgium, Russian Federation, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Finland, Chile, Qatar, Romania, Japan, Norway, 1000 downloads over 100 MB are $6 for Singapore and $2 for the rest of the countries.

The conditions are as follows;

  • The minimum payment is 10 dollars
  • 10% profit when you bring a member with a referral
  • Payments are made within 24/48 hours
  • 24/7 support on Telegram
  • Payment infrastructure PayPal, PayTM, Phonepayee, Indian bank transfer

If too many accounts are discovered, the account may be banned. If adult content, music, pictures and videos are found, your account will be closed immediately and you will not be able to receive your payment. File must be over 1MB to earn.

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