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Among the free file sharing sites, uploadgig.com stands out with its many different and remarkable features. With its simple interface and clear menus, it provides both income and high-capacity storage for those who want to share files.

UploadGiG.com File Search

If you want to search for files on Upload Gig, you can use our site. If you have a premium account, we enable you to use the files uploaded to the site at the maximum level by bringing them to you through Google. You can find many content such as files, pictures, videos, movies, music uploaded to Uploadgig.com with our search engine.

UploadGiG Review

uploadgig affiliate account level

The Uploadgig site has a different user panel and premium configuration. When you become a member, it automatically puts you on the Basic plan and offers a total of 2 TB of storage while giving 50% commission from premium sales in this plan, and automatically deletes the files you have uploaded from the system if they are not downloaded for 15 days.

  • Bronze Plan: 60 percent commission from sales, 4 terebytes of storage and if your files are not downloaded for 30 days, the system deletes them.
  • Silver Plan: 65 percent commission from sales, 8 TB total storage, 45 days if your files are not downloaded, the system will delete them.
  • Gold Plan: 70 percent commission from sales, 20 terebytes of total storage, if your files are not downloaded for 60 days, the system will delete them.
  • Platinum Plan: 75 percent payment gift from sales, 50 TB of storage, 90 days if your files are not downloaded, the system will delete them.
  • The last premium package is Diomand Plan: In this plan, you earn 80 percent commission from sales, your storage space is 200 Terebytes and your files are deleted from the system if they are not downloaded for 120 Days.

The level system offered by the site increases as your earnings increase, for example, if you reach $200, the system automatically upgrades you from the basic plan to the bronze plan. In this way, you have the opportunity to gradually increase your income and increase your storage space.

All Sites: UploadLogin.com

UploadGiG Premium Account

UPLOADGIG premium account

If you want to get a premium account via UploadGig, four different packages are waiting for you. The biggest advantage of the premium package is to be able to download the files installed on the system with one click without waiting. 1. You have 30 days of use in the package and your daily download limit is set as 100 GB. 2. You have 90 days of use in the package, the download limit is again 100 GB / day. 3. You have a usage period of 180 days in the package and the download limit is 100 gb / day. In the last package, you have a period of use of 1 year.

  1. 30 Day: 12 USD
  2. 90 Day: 26 USD
  3. 180 Day: 46 USD
  4. 365 Day: 86 USD

Payment infrastructures supported by the site: Visa and Mastercard, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Paypal with two alternatives, Alipay, WeChat Pay

Leech & Downloader & Premium Generator

When we examine Leech services, there are two different sites we can recommend for uploadgig.com. We will look at these in order, but first, let’s talk about what these services do. Leech services are also known as premium link generators, so when you paste the link on the leech site, you can easily download the files after watching a few ads.

1. Site: LeechAll.com

  • English language support
  • Ability to download files up to 800 MB Size
  • 5 downloads per day
  • You need to pass 5 ads in total
  • No subscription required
  • No Cbox service

2. Site: TurkDebrid.net

  • Language support: English
  • Maximum Downloadable File Size: 1 GB
  • Total Daily Limit: 3 GB
  • Number of Ads: 6 and 9
  • No Membership Required
  • No Cbox Service

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