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One of the new file upload sites, uploadever.com serves its users with features such as drag and drop, remote url, file copying. Upload Ever, which provides convenience for you when you want to share files with more than one person in places that you cannot send by mail or in places such as forums and websites, also allows you to earn income with this method.

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The file upload company, which supports Skype and the contact page on its website, earns you money for every 1000 downloads you upload and share. Offering four different premium accounts, uploadever charges $3 for 7 days, $10 for 30 days, $40 for 120 days, and $90 for 365 days. Compared to other file upload sites, the prices are quite affordable. Premium members get 1 TB of storage space on uploadever.com and the opportunity to download files at maximum speed.

Make Money with Upload Ever

The site, which is free to use, does not have any advertisements and earns its income only from premium sales. The minimum payment amount is 10 dollars and this number can increase depending on the payment method. The minimum payout is $10 in paypal, $50 in payoneer, $100 in skrill and $50 in webmoney.

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Payments are made on a monthly basis and on the 23rd of the month, how much payment you request will be transferred to your account before the end of that month.

Size Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier D
100 MB – 1 GB 16$ 8$ 6$ 3$
1 MB – 100 MB 14$ 6$ 4$ 2.5$

Tier A: Canada, United States

Tier B: Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, United Kingdom

Tier C: Russian Federation, Australia, Poland, Greece, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia, South Korea

Tier D: All other countries

As you can see in the table where Upload Ever earnings are divided by country, for example, the site gives $16 for 1000 downloads for files between 100 MB and 1 GB in the Tier A category, and 8 dollars in the Tier B category.

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