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Uploader, which broadcasts in 15 different languages, is a site that offers 35-day file storage to free users. Uploader.link and Uploader.this file upload site, which continues to be published from trade domains, has become very popular in India and Pakistan. Offering 500 GB of storage, uploader has an interface that makes it easy to organize the files you upload and allows you to always access your files at the highest speed.

Uploader.Trade File Search Engine

uploader loginFile Upload is done in an easy way, such as drag and drop, and you can share your files with the person you want by creating a link to the system. The site, which has a total of up to 200 thousand members, offers a global service. Over 5 million files have been uploaded so far and are still being uploaded. If you are uploading documents, images, music, or movies, or if you want to search among the files of people who have uploaded them, you can use the search engine located here. The Aram tool searches both the domain with the link extension and the contents of the domain with the trade extension.Dec. Dec. So you can access much more files.

Uploader Leech Service

There is currently no leech service available for Uploader. But you can try your luck at TurkBox and Alemdar Leech services.

Premium Plans

uploader trade premium price link

Uploader has a different infrastructure in terms of premium compared to other file upload sites. There are four different plans, and these plans are called Basic, Pro, Business, Enterprise. Let’s summarize the plans with different order of feature and package contents of each plan.

  • Basic; 30 days, $ 5. 1 TB storage 10 TB transfer limit 5 Mbps download speed, 5 seconds standby time, file upload up to 5 GB, files are deleted after 30 days. Support priority is 2 business days.
  • Pro; 30 days, $ 10. 5 TB storage unlimited file transfer 1 GBPS download speed, no ads, direct download without waiting, file upload up to 10 GB, files deleted after 60 days, 24/7 support.
  • Business; 30 days, $ 50. 10TB storage space, unlimited traffic, 5Gbps download speed, download without waiting up to 15GB file upload, files are deleted after 90 days, continuous support.
  • Enterprise Plan 30 days $ 120. Unlimited storage, unlimited traffic limit, 10 gbps download speed, download without waiting and files are stored for life.

Payments can be made with paypal for Premium account purchases.

Upload Login: uploadlogin.com

Uploader.link Pay Per Download Program

make money uploader

  • Silver: India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh & All other Countries
  • Gold: Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Japan, United Arab Emirates
  • Platinum: Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Saudi Arabia
  • Diamond: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany

Uploader comes back compared to other sites as revenue per download. Uploader while many sites give around $ 10 for 1000 downloads.trade offers revenue of up to $ 10 for 10 thousand downloads. The site, which gives $ 2 over 1000 MB in countries in the Silver category, gives $ 3 for Gold, $ 5 for Platinum and $ 10 for countries in the Diamon category.

The Minimum payment amount is $ 10, and payments are made in Skrill, Webmoney and Bitcoin. Each file above 5 MB generates revenue.

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