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UploadBuzz , one of the membership-free file sharing sites, previously served on uploadbuzz.com, now it serves at uploadbuzz.cc. This file upload site, which is widely used by India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, offers good earnings rates for those who want to create passive income.

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Uploadbuzz has generally been a portal where illegal content is shared. It is used for sharing movies, music, games, pornographic content. If the site owners notice these tar contents, they quickly close the account. If you still want to search for files uploaded to uploadbuzz.cc, you can use the search engine on our site. This search engine, which is especially useful for premium members, is designed to bring you results quickly.

UploadBuzz Earning Rewards Per Download

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For those who want to earn money, there is a earnings per download system on uploadbuzz. Site that rewards all files of 1 MB or more. Tier A group: 100 – 1000 GB for Canada, United Kingdom, United States 1000 downloads / $ 40, Tier B group: Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria for 100 MB – 1000 GB 1000 downloads / 20 dollars, Tier 3 group: Russian Federation, Australia, Poland, Greece, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia, South Korea 1000 downloads between 100 – 1000 MB in countries give 10 dollars and in other countries 5 dollars.

If you say I want to earn both premium sales and per download, the site allows you to activate the MIX mode from your membership panel. In MIX mode, 50% of downloads per download and 50% of premium sales are given to you as a reward. UploadBuzz.cc minimum payment amount is 10 dollars and payment ways are paypal, payoneer, Jazzcash and EasyPaisa.

UploadBuzz.cc Premium Account

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The premium possibilities offered by the site to us are quite high. 10-day, 30-day, 90-day, 180-day, and 365-day plans range in price from $2.99 to $69.99. When you buy a premium membership, you can download files at maximum speed, start the download process quickly without waiting, do not verify captcha and have 1 TB of storage.

In addition, if you say that I will only download files and not upload, then the site sells traffic packages at affordable prices. 1.74GB is available for $1.75, 2.07GB for $2.15 and 3.49GB for $3.37.

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