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One of the most modern design upload sites I have ever seen, upfiles.com attracts the attention of users with its high revenue options. Offering 15 GB of storage to free users, upfiles also have a variety of premium account plans.

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It’s now easy to find files that are uploaded to upfiles.com that host thousands of files. Immediately type an extension (mp4, zip etc.) into the search engine below or type the file name and you will quickly reach the file you are looking for.

Upfiles Review

upfiles login and panel

Upfiles, which have the slogan upload, share and win files, stand out with many payment methods. As I mentioned above, you can easily find the interface you want in the really nice management panel. It offers new members 15 gb of file upload space and offers you 1000 downloads per share and downloaded files, and explains when their final payments are made to whom on the Payment Proof page.

Users with a free plan are deleted when their files are not downloaded within 30 days.

Premium Account

upfiles premium account price

upfiles premium account price

There are no pages or information about premium plans on the homepage of the site. Once you’ve signed up, you can get a premium account here, where you’ll see the change-your-plan button when you log in to your user panel.

There is only one premium option on the site, which can be purchased in 1 month or 1 year. The 512GB storage-free Pro Plan is $4.99 per month. The Pro Plan, which also offers 512 GB of storage, cost $49.99 per year. Payment options are bitcoin, PayPal and my balance.

Affiliate & Make Money

Those who want to make money by uploading files can make various profits by country. Earnings per 1,000 downloads, upfiles.com $8 for 1,000 downloads from the United States, $7.5 from Canada, $7 from The United Kingdom, $6.50 from Australia, $5 from Germany – United Arab Emirates and france, $4.5 from Saudi Arabia and $2.8 from other countries.

You earn a 15 percent lifetime commission based on premium areas and download rates with your reference link on the panel.

Upfiles.com Leech & Downloader

If you want to download files uploaded on upfiles quickly without waiting like a premium user, you will need to use leech sites, or rather downloaders. There are 2 different leech services available on this site and they offer premium link generator service.

  1. Site: https://superlinksbr.com/
  2. Site: https://real-debrid.com/

These sites offer multiple downloads per day, some with certain conditions. You’ll still need to pass ad redirection.

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