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A site with over 1 million members, nearly 9 million files and over 50 million downloads, ufile.io advanced file upload and application options. The site has three different member options: free, pro and business plan. Below I will explain them in detail in the pricing and premium section.

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With an advanced interface, the ufile hosts millions of files. If you want to search between these files, use the search engine below.

Ufile Review

ufile review

ufile review

It’s easy to save storage space on Ufile.io. If you tweet and promote the site, you get 2 gb of gift storage. By inviting your friends, you earn 1 gb per person and get 2 gb of extra storage, where you download the desktop app.

You have three different options to sign up for the site, and they get a variety of features as their prices go up.

First option: Free membership

Free members have 10 GB of storage and can download files at a speed of 1 mb/second. They can upload files up to a maximum size of 5 GB and upload up to 10 files at the same time. They have unlimited traffic and their data is encrypted point-by-point. But password protection and ad tracking options are disadvantages.

Second option Pro membership (Most popular)

The price of this membership is $4 a month, which is really affordable. The Pro plan gives you 1tb of storage and you can download files at unlimited speed. Advantages of the pro plan of being able to upload 30 files at the same time, unlimited traffic, no ads, password protection, url sharing pro plan.

Last membership type: Business

If you are looking for a plan for your company, the business plan is for you. Members with this plan get 3TB of storage. It can share files with many unlimited people and offers the possibility to upload 100 GB of files in one file. Capable of uploading 99 files simultaneously, this plan features selling your files, direct access, api and one-click download. The monthly price is $29.

Upload, Share, earn $5

ufile affiliate 5 $

ufile affiliate 5 $

For each person that subscribes to a premium plan through your referral code or file uploads, you will earn $five in coins. And that’s now not only for the primary month, it lasts for the lifetime of each consumer you refer.

Not only that, but with every a success referral, you furthermore mght earn more garage. For everybody that signs as much as a paid plan you’re given an extra 1GB of garage. It’s a amazing way to hold expanding your very own report upload storage area at no cost, simply by means of giving out a simple code.

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