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Solidfiles, one of the new file upload sites, attracts attention with its advanced design, high security infrastructure and convenient interface. The, which has become very popular in Indonesia, offers premium members advantageous storage space and high-size file uploads.

Solidfiles Search File

Solidfiles are often used for music and video sharing. If there is illegal content on the site, which has the ability to preview files with WebM, MP4, H.264, AAC, VP8 codex without downloading, your account will be closed. If you want to search for content, videos, movies, music, anms, files and programs uploaded to, you can use the search engine tool on our site. This tool offers you what you want among the thousands of files uploaded on solidfiles with google infrastructure.

Premium Account and Free Account

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You cannot upload files without a member on Solid Files, and if you want to upload files, you must be a member. Standard users who are members have 15 GB of storage and can upload up to 500 MB of files. Again, regular members can download your own files at any time and access them from the web on their mobile.

However, if you say that this storage and capacity is not enough for me, solidfiles offers you premium account plans. Premium account holders have the following features;

  • They don’t see ads
  • They download files directly and they don’t wait
  • They get 1TB of storage
  • unlimited speed
  • use a download program
  • upload 1080p HD video
  • upload files up to 30 GB in one size

Solidfiles Leech & Premium Link Generator & Downloader

You are trying to download files through solid files, but you are stuck with obstacles since you are not a premium member. There is no one who has not faced such a situation. For such cases, leech services make our job easier. These services, which create premium links, allow you to download your files with the help of a downloader, as much as the capacity they offer after a few advertisements.

solidfiles leech downloader

Let’s get to know these services now;

  • Language: English
  • Downloadable File Size: 2 GB
  • Daily Limit 25GB
  • Maximum Number of Downloads: 1 link in 5 minutes
  • Number of Ads: 4
  • Membership: Required
  • CBox: Yes

  • Language: English
  • Downloadable File Size: 2 GB
  • Daily Limit 5GB
  • Maximum Number of Downloads: 1 link in 1 minutes
  • Number of Ads: 6-9
  • Membership: No
  • Cbox: No

Note: There is no option to make money with affiliates on the site.

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