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Samaup – Sama-Share, which is one of the sites that has not worn out for years and preferred by many Arab countries such as Arabia and Egypt, was previously broadcasting under the name samaup. Due to some legal problems, the company had to make a domain change. Samaup, which provides serious income to its users who upload files, has paid a total of over 20 thousand dollars to nearly 55 thousand members so far.

SamaUp Sama-Share File Search

Popular download site samaup, which provides over 100 million download services, enables users to access their data from anywhere with its cloud infrastructure. If you want to search for data uploaded on sama-share, which broadcasts in Arabic and English, the search engine at the top is for you. You can easily search for music, movies, pictures, programs, content by file name or find files with extensions such as mp4, mpg, jpg, doc, xls.

Earn Money with SamaUp

Samaup, which can be used a lot by people who want to earn income with the contents of upload files and earn money, gives money per download and money per sale.

SamaUp Cloud has one of the most exciting rewards programs on the internet. We provide quality service and secure file sharing to our users. We offer our partners the opportunity to earn more than any other file hosting site! We pay affiliates with different payment methods and we manage to get them sooner.

You can upload your profile to blogs/sites/forums/social networks and share it to get downloads and monetization from them. You can also promote us by referring users and earning referrals. Plus active members get better rates!

SamaUp advantages;

  • Minimum payment amount is 2 dollars
  • Payments can be made with paypal, payza, neteller, webmoney, amazon gift card
  • Withdrawal takes 24/48 hours on average, maximum time 7 days

In the pay-per-download system, the award given according to the countries varies, for example, it gives 4 dollars for 1000 downloads from the 1st category, America. 3 dollars for category 2 and 3 countries Australia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, 2 dollars for other countries.

Sama-Share Premium Account

samaup sama share cloud premium account price

On SamaUp, visitors can upload 600 MB files, members can upload 2000 MB and premium gold members can upload unlimited files. Gold members’ files are deleted 100 days after the last download, while regular members’ files are deleted after 30 days. Premium account is sold in two different plans, regular premium plans cost $8 for 5 days, $20 for 30 days, $70 for 120 days, and $105 for 365 days.

samaup sama share cloud traffic plan price

In addition, traffic plans are also sold, and their prices are 1.74 GB for 1.75 dollars, 2.07 GB for 2.15 dollars, and 3.49 GB for 3.37 dollars. When you buy a traffic plan, you can download files at full speed without waiting for the amount of traffic in the plan you bought.

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