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KrakenFiles is a popular file upload site in Peru and offers 1GB per file sharing for free users and 5GB per file sharing for premium users., which can upload files without being a member, hosts 15 thousand late members and over 2 million files. The contents of those who upload files without being a member are deleted after 3 months, krakenfiles is passed to the contents of premium members and if they are not downloaded for 6 months, they are deleted from the server.

KrakenFiles Search Engine

Kraken Files does not have any search engine on its site. In such cases, you can use the search engine on our site, which works with the Google infrastructure. This tool can search millions of files uploaded to by extension or file name. For example, you can specify extensions such as MP4, MP3, or search the kraken files repository by entering the music, video, movie or content name.

Kraken Files Download Generator

Since KrakenFiles is not a widely used file upload site, there is currently no Leech service. But you can check the Turkdebrid Net site, many sites offer premium link generator service. Premium Account

First of all, let’s say that kraken files provides premium membership service but does not have an affiliate system. In other words, you cannot earn money from the files you upload, or you do not receive commissions from the people you have made a premium member. The site, which has three different premium packages, has 30-day, 90-day and 360-day plans. Prices are set at $14.99, $39.99 and $144.99.

krakenfiles premium account price

Only Paypal infrastructure can be used for premium account purchase, there is no alternative payment method for now.

Advantages of premium members;

  • 1 TB storage space
  • 5 GB upload per file
  • Unlimited speed
  • You can use the file download program

krakenfiles login

Finally, let’s compare non-members, registered users and premium members.

File Size: Non-Member 1GB 2GB Premium 5GB with Member. Storage 25 GB Premium 1 TB with 0 Non-Members. File Deletion Period Non-member 3 months member 6 months premium 6 months (after last download). Unlimited traffic is available on every plan. File preview available on all plans. File management is only available to registered and premium users. Simultaneous download is only available for registered and premium users. Unlimited speed download, without ads and captcha confirmation, only available for premium users

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