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Hxfile, one of Indonesia’s popular file uploading sites, offers unlimited and easy file uploading. Thanks to this program, files can be easily uploaded to the site with Z-o-o-m uploader support. It is possible to upload files with features such as drag and drop, remote url and file copy.

Hxfile File Search

If you want to search among tens of thousands of files uploaded on Hxfile.co, the search button above is for you. You can search by file extensions such as MKV, MP4, ZIP, RAR, or you can search using words such as movies, music, pictures.

Hxfile.co Advantages

You can upload files on Hxfile in three different ways. The first is the non-member user. You can upload files up to 1024 MB without being a member, and your files will be deleted from the servers 30 days after the last download. The other option is the registered user hxfile, which allows members to upload files up to 5120 MB in size and is deleted from the server if the files are not downloaded for 60 days. In the premium membership, a single file of up to 10240 MB can be uploaded and users have unlimited storage space. As long as the member remains premium, his files are not deleted from hxfile.co servers.

Premium Account

hxfile premium account

There are various packages to get premium membership on Hxfile. These packages have durations of 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days. Prices are $11 for 30 days, $28 for 90 days, $56 for 180 days, and $112 for 365 days. You can only make account purchases through verified dealers; Site AccountInstant.com, Premiumkey.co, Premiumkeys.com and Premiumcoupon.com. You can make your payments as paypal, webmoney, paysera and coinpayments using these sites.

Hxfile Rewards & Affiliate & Make Money

It’s easy to make money with Hxfile, you can earn per 1000 downloads or earn as you make sales.

The system can generate income for all 1000 downloads over 1 MB. Income per download varies by country. 1000 downloads / 1 dollar for Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, 1000 downloads 0.8 dollar for Italy, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, 1000 downloads give $0.40 for Egypt, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Russian Federation, Mexico, Greece, Cyprus, Colombia, Turkey, Japan.

In order to earn PPS (Pay Per Sale), you need to activate the PPS setting in the account settings. When you activate PPS, you earn 50 percent commission from sales and renewals.

Finally, hxfile.com pays when you reach a minimum of $5. 5 dollars is valid for those who pay with paypal, if you request payment in bitcoin, there is a minimum payment amount of 50 dollars.

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