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If you want to share files with drag and drop, FileSpace aims to give you the space age of uploading files. Publishing in a total of 15 different languages such as English, Spanish, German, Turkish, Japanese, France and Arabic, filespace has affiliate and premium package features.

Filespace Search Engine

You don’t need to be a member to upload files to, an easy cloud storage site. Even without being a member, you can send a file link to the e-mail address you want and encrypt the files you send. You can use our search engine service to find files uploaded to filespace by using the search bar at the top of our site. Those who want to share high-size files can also share files up to 50 GB as a regular member, this figure is very good. Leech

filespace login

You can download files uploaded on Filespace from your leech account.

  • There are three different options for this, the first of which is, which is provided by Turks. This site gives you the opportunity to download files with a maximum size of 2 GB. To benefit from the leech service, you need to pass 6-9 advertisements.
  • Another site,, this site offers you the opportunity to download files up to 500 MB and you can download a total of 3 files per day. You have the opportunity to download it again by resetting your modem and changing your ip address. You can download your file without becoming a member after 4/5 advertisements are passed in total.
  • The last option is, this site gives you the opportunity to download 1 GB files and you have the right to download unlimited files daily. The only bad thing is that you have to pass 11 advertisements, you have to work really hard for this :))

Premium Membership & Account

Premium members have quite a few options on You can download files at the maximum speed supported by your internet speed. regular members can download at 100 KB/second. Premium account members who can download new files without waiting normally also have a total storage space of 500 GB. While the files are deleted 60 days after the last download in regular members, they are not deleted for life in premium members.

filespace premium account price

When we take a look at the premium prices, the 30-day account is $13.71, the 90-day account is $34.92, and the 330-day membership is $97.54. Premium account payments can be made on filespace with cryptocurrencies such as ripple, bitcoin, etherum, litecoin, as well as through sites such as webmoney, credit card, paypal, alipay and skrill.

FileSpace Affiliate & Earn Money

First of all, let’s say that filespace does not give you an affiliate membership right away. First of all, you have to apply from the affiliate pages, and if your application is approved, they will open a loading area with the capacity you request.

In the PPS earning type, the system gives you 60 percent premium sales. For example, you are an intermediary in the premium sale of 100 dollars, and 60 dollars is transferred to your account. Earnings per 1000 downloads are 20 percent from sales, up to $39 for 1000 downloads. Payments are made within a minimum of 2 days and the lower payment limit is 10 dollars. You can get your affiliate link from the my account page, and on this page, you can follow the revenue rates per 100 downloads and the percentage of revenue you will generate in sales and renewals.

filespace-com pay per 1000 downloads

1000 download earnings vary according to countries, this udrum is the same on filespace as other upload sites. 1000 downloads over 1000 MB from the USA earns you 20 dollars, Germany-France-England is 12 dollars, and you can see the status of other countries in the table above.

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