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Login Buy Premium, which is one of the upload sites mostly used in Egypt, Yemen and Syria, has a file network with active links on many sharing sites. Filerio cloud storage system, which has hundreds of thousands of members, aims to be an easy and profitable upload site. Filerio, which has the ability to pull files from different file upload sites to the site with the remote URL and TOS system, also has the drag and drop option. File Search

Premium users may wonder about files uploaded to FileRio. By using the search engine tool above, you can easily access the content you want such as videos, music, movies.

Make Money and Premium Account with FileRio

Filerio, which offers Russian, German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Thai, Spanish, Japan, Hungarian, Indonesian, Hebrew and English language support, also offers its members different opportunities in terms of earnings.

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Three different premium accounts are offered for sale on the site, priced at $5 for 7 days, $9 for 14 days and $15 for 30 days. It supports paylapl, visa and mastercard infrastructure for payment. Premium members can upload files up to 50,000 MB, this figure is 10,000 MB for registered users. Other advantages of premium members are that if the uploaded files are not downloaded for 10 days, they are deleted from the system, they do not see ads, they can download without waiting time, and they have unlimited storage space.

filerio tier and make money

For those who want to make money, filerio, which provides income per 1000 downloads, also gives a commission of 60 percent from your premium sales and renewals. Prices per download are a little low compared to other sites, for example, 1000 downloads of 0-10 MB size are 1 dollar for countries in the Tier 1 category (United States, Canada), 10-100 MB files / 100 downloads Tier 1 2 dollars, 100 MB and above Tier 1 1000 downloads are $3.

You can receive your earnings as paypal, webmoney, skrill or bitcoin when there is a minimum of $5.

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