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Dropgalaxy, which started its broadcasting life with the slogan of Share and Win, provides convenience in the field of file sharing with thousands of users. DropGalaxy, which gives 300 GB of storage to each new user, also offers around 30 GB of daily traffic. The site, where you can share the files you uploaded publicly via the link created in the system, provides special support via telegram. DG, which supports dark and light mode, also has three different themes in color, these are green, pink and purple.

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Dropgalaxy file uploading and sharing site has become a popular site that is often used for apk, mod and mobile application sharing. It has a wide audience of visitors, from those looking for a free premium account to those looking for ways to make money with this site. We have created a special file search system for dropgalaxy.com on our site, so you can easily search among the files uploaded to the site.

I especially liked the user panel of Dropgalaxy.com. You can intervene in many places through the settings. For example, if you are using the site to make money, do you want to earn per download or per sale, you can change them in the Profit Mode section. Drop galaxy, which also offers cloud drive feature, gives you a username and password for this, so you can access your files from anywhere. Another nice feature is that you can share the links of your files as a short link after uploading the file.

Available language options: English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Thai, Spanish, Japan, Hungary, Indonesia, Dutch, Hebrew

DropGalaxy Earn Money and Premium Account

There are two different ways to earn money with Dropgalaxy, the most popular of which is earning revenue per download by uploading files. The site, which offers different incomes according to the countries, gives 1000 downloads between 0.5 and 2 MB for 1000 downloads between 0.5 and 2 MB.

You can see the earnings rates in the table below and in the country category in more detail;

dropgalaxy earn money

The Minimum Payment is determined as 10 dollars and the fee is calculated as 1 time per day from each rope. In earnings per download you also earn an additional 5% from sales. DropGalaxy.com, which gives 65 percent of sales and renewals under the PPS Rewards Program, will close your account without paying if it detects pornography or illegal content.


Looking at the premium side, the site sells the premium account for $20 for 7 days, $50 for 30 days, $100 for 90 days, $200 for 180 days, and $300 for 365 days.

Premium members can upload up to 20 GB of data in a single file, this is 5 GB for normal users, and premium users can have up to 5000 GB of storage and can download 60 GB files in 1 day. In addition to all these, they can use file download programs, take advantage of the site’s torrent leech feature, and their files are not deleted from the system as long as they are premium.

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