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Dropbay, one of the popular file uploading sites in Nigeria, is a site that offers free file uploads. You can upload files up to 500 MB to this site, which does not create excessive advertisements, and you can easily download these files and access them from anywhere with internet.

Dropbay.net File Search

Thousands of files are uploaded to Dropbay every day and many people want to search for files on dropbay.net, especially because it provides easy file downloading. The search box at the top gives you the opportunity to easily search for files, and you can search for any content you want by extension or file name. For example, you can search mp4, jpg, mpg, zip, rar with extensions or you can query with various words such as video, music, movie, program.

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Dropbay, which has a very simple profile page, does not currently have a premium account sale or affiliate program. On your panel page, there is a statistics of how many files you have uploaded so far and how many times these files have been downloaded. You can also see the capacity used and the remaining storage capacity.

dropbay login

While uploading a file, you can put a password on the file you uploaded in the settings section, so no one can download that file without entering the password. In addition, you can choose which folder to upload to and extract files from different file servers to your account with a remote url.

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