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The Desiupload site, which says it offers high speed, user-friendly interface and reliable file sharing, has been online since 2015. Whether you’re a member or not, it also offers you the ability to upload and share files from anywhere, remote url and other file sharing sites. Search

There are thousands of files on the site, which has been providing file upload services for many years. If you have a premium membership, it offers you a search engine service for easy access to these files. Here you can search the desiupload by typing the file extension and name you want.

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Desiupload has daily and premium plans per GB, we’ll tell you below. Desiupload offers unlimited storage, where you can upload a single file up to a maximum size of 4 GB. However, files that are not downloaded within 30 days if you are not a premium member are deleted from the server. File upload options include drag-and-drop, uploading files from a remote URL, and copy files.

In the monetization part, there are options per download and revenue varies by country. In fact, this page on the site is not exactly correct, and if the site administration reads our article, we will ask it to correct these places. Likewise, in the account settings section PPD 100% of Downloads, PPS 50% of Sales MIX 30% of Downloads, 30% of Sales tries to change the options, the Anti-CSRF check fails and does not improve in any way.

Premium Account

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There are eight different options on the site as a premium plan. These include a 7-day plan, a 30-day plan, a 120-day plan and a 365-day plan. Other options include downloads per GB, which have capacities of 7 gb, 30 gb, 120 gb and 365 gb.

All akets allow you not to delete your files from the server, upload unlimited files, download unlimited files and download them without seeing ads as long as you remain premium.

However, these very interesting packages cannot be received : ) When you click on them, they do not react at all, so in short you cannot get a premium membership.

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