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We promise. We deliver. Dailyuploads, which was launched in 2015 with the slogan of dailyuploads, provides services for those who want to transfer large files with its fast services. The site, which has useful features such as drag and drop, remote url file upload and file copy, also has an advanced affiliate system.

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Daiyuploads, which receives a very large audience from India, Pakistan and the United States, is generally preferred for content such as movies, programs, music and series. The site, which is very careful against illegal content, removes these files in any complaint. As the Upload Login site, we have prepared a special tool for dailyuploads.net for you, thanks to this tool, you will have the opportunity to easily search and download the files uploaded to this site. The daily upload search tool, which we will prefer especially for those who have a premium account, brings a lot of information to you quickly.

Make Money with DailyUploads

DailyUploads offers the opportunity to earn more money per download per group than many other file upload sites. For example, it pays $16 per 1000 downloads from America and England. FRANCE, SPAIN, AUSTRALIA, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, NETHERLANDS 1000 download / $4, JAPAN, POLAND, RUSSIA, ROMANIA, HUNGARY, GREECE,United Arab Emirates, BULGARIASINGAPORE, KOREA, NEW ZEALAND, KUWAIT 1000 download / $2 and other countries pay 1 dollar for 1000 downloads. Especially the websites that receive visitors from America and England can earn good money with dailyupload.net.

dailyuploads.net login

The site, which also offers a lifetime earnings system, gives you a 10% commission in case each person you refer renews their account.

If the site detects content such as +18 content, music and movies, it will close your account directly, so if you have an accumulated balance, you cannot buy it. The minimum payment amount of the system is 25 dollars. Upon request, the payment is transferred to the account within 10 days. Payment methods include skrill, webmoney and bitcoin.

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