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Cutedrive, which started broadcasting in 2019, is especially preferred by Indian users. The site, which offers the opportunity to upload files without being a member, has an interface similar to and I really love using this interface design., like many file upload sites, offers premium members a number of benefits. But even though there are some restrictions on the free side, they have nice features. File Search

Thousands of different files are uploaded to the site every day, and finding these files is really a breeze for users. You can easily search among the files uploaded to the site using the cutedrive search engine above. For example, if you need a program, type the name of the program immediately and press the ether key, the search tool will easily lead you to the result. In addition to all these, you can search the files installed on cutedrive using their extensions.

CuteDrive Premium Account vs Regular Account

cutedrive member plan free premium registered


If you want to upload and share files to the site, you have three different options. Option 1 is non-member user. Cute Drive offers non-members the opportunity to upload a single file size up to 300 MB. If the file you upload is not downloaded within 3 days, it will be permanently deleted from the system. Other disadvantages are captcha approval, ad display on the download page.

The other option is the registered user. Members can upload files up to 2000 MB on and get unlimited storage. If their files are not downloaded for 60 days, they will be deleted from the system and they will see captcha approval and advertisements like non-members.

Premium members, which is the highest membership level, can enjoy unlimited use of cutedrive site. Premium members who can upload files in one size up to 50,000 MB (50 GB) have unlimited storage. They do not see advertisements and captcha confirmations in any way, they can download unlimited files and can continue from where they left off if the download process is interrupted. Premium members’ files are never deleted from the systems as long as they are premium.

cutedrive premium plan

You can get premium membership in two different ways on the site. The 1st option is to buy a traffic package, so you have purchased 3.5 GB of traffic on cutedrive, for example, and you can download up to this value. For the daily premium plans, you can see the prices determined as 7 days, 30 days, 120 days and 365 days in the table above.

Make Money with and Affiliate

There are not many details on the cute drive about monetization, but when you enter your membership panel, you can see your account balance and affiliate links. Payments are made on the screen that appears after pressing the payment request button on the panel. You can convert the money you have saved into a premium account or withdraw it via paypal, webmoney, moneybookers, alertpay or primus when it reaches 50 dollars. People who become members with your reference appear on the My referrals page in the membership panel.

Site Old Name: UploadPot

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