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Cloudfile, which offers the possibility of downloading files by giving a daily traffic limit, has an infrastructure that allows you to upload unlimited files., which is in high demand by those who want to make money or those who want to upload unlimited files, offers different income opportunities according to countries.

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Cloudfile is a site that uploads files in many categories. You can easily send content such as movies, music, pictures or content that you cannot send via e-mail via this system. There are many files uploaded on, you can easily find and download them with the search engine on our site. Premium Account

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Cloudfile, which sells premium accounts with a very wide payment infrastructure, offers the opportunity to buy accounts via paypal, credit card, ideal, sofort, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, lite coin, etherum, webmoney and dealers. There are a total of four different premium plans available on the site, these are 30, 90, 180, 365 days. Prices go from $19 to $8 per month, and if you buy 365 days, your monthly cost drops to $8. If you make a short-term, 30-day purchase, your monthly cost is 19 dollars.

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Some of the files uploaded to the site can only be downloaded by premium members, if you do not have a premium membership, you cannot download these files in any way. The upload site broadcasting in Russian, German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Thai, Spanish, Japan, Hungary, Indonesia, Dutch, Hebrew has an affiliate program.

Affiliate & Make Money

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There are four different country groups on the site, which offers the opportunity to download 1000 files. The countries in the 1st group are Canada and America. 1000 downloads from these countries will earn you 3 dollars. The countries in the 2nd category are Germany, France and England. 1000 downloads from these countries will earn you 2 dollars. 1 dollar income can be obtained for 1000 downloads from countries other than these countries.

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