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Login Buy Premium, which offers easy file uploading and sharing, presents itself as a flexible file storage site. Uploading files to Bay Files site is very easy, all you need to do is press the UPLOAD button after logging in to the site. In a short time, the upload will be done according to your file size and the sharing link will appear.

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BAYFILES.COM, which offers the possibility of uploading files with a maximum size of 20 GB, supports a maximum of 5000 files or 100 GB file uploads per day. This site, which has no restrictions for downloading files, is recommended for those who want to share files in an easy way.

Among the languages supported by the; There’s French, English, Korean, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

bayfiles login search premium generally includes movies, series, programs and video content. On this site, where you can add files by POSTing via API, items such as +18 content, illegal movie music programs are prohibited and the file is removed from the servers when noticed.

Mr. Files has a very simple software, as we mentioned in the introduction. While we were reviewing, we were surprised that we didn’t see the option to become a member. In other words, you cannot easily delete a file you have uploaded yourself. However, if you report abuse on the Feedback page, your file is removed from the system.

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